ZHANG Qun,YI Jingsong,ZHANG Yong,et al.Geohazard risk assessment about county units in southwest mountainous areas of China: Take Lushui County of Nujiang river basin as an example[J].,2022,31(05):212-221.[doi:10.13577/j.jnd.2022.0524]





Geohazard risk assessment about county units in southwest mountainous areas of China: Take Lushui County of Nujiang river basin as an example
张群1 易靖松23 张勇23 马志刚1 程英建23
1. 四川省国土空间生态修复与地质灾害防治研究院, 四川 成都 610081;
2. 中国地质科学院探矿工艺研究所, 四川 成都 611734;
3. 中国地质调查局地质灾害防治技术中心, 四川 成都 611734
ZHANG Qun1 YI Jingsong23 ZHANG Yong23 MA Zhigang1 CHENG Yingjian23
1. Sichuan Institute of Land and Space Ecological Resoration and Geological Hazard Prevention, Chengdu 610081, China;
2. Exploration Technology Research Institute, CGS, Chengdu 611734, China;
3. Technical Center for Geological Hazard Prevention and Control, CGS, Chengdu 611734, China
vulnerabilitylogistic regressiongeohazard probabilityrisk assessmenthazard-bearing body
The southwest mountainous area is a high mountain valley area in western China, geological disasters in this area are developed,with the characteristics of population and houses concentrated in the toe of the slope. It is urgent to find a new set of vulnerability assessment methods for effective and reasonable risk assessment in this area. This paper selects Lushui City,a typical western mountainous area,and uses GIS platform and logistic regression theory to conduct model evaluation,multivariate collinearity diagnosis,and fitness test,and finally establish a geological hazard risk assessment model. Considering the damage state and type that the hazard-bearing body may suffer,the classification and assignment table of the vulnerability index of different types of hazard-bearing bodies is constructed. For the first time,a vulnerability assessment method based on the distribution characteristics of disaster-bearing bodies such as population and houses in the southwest mountainous area is proposed. The results show that the northern part of Lushui County is a high-risk area,and most of the county and its surrounding areas are medium-risk and low-risk areas,which are basically consistent with the field survey and evaluation results. This risk assessment method can effectively reflect the risk status of geological disasters within the county.


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